Unlutter and Re-vamp your Wardrobe. Feel good now, wear only your fashion favourites

courtesy of free digital photos.net

courtesy of free digital photos.net

How many items do you sift through in your wardrobe before finding something you want to wear each morning?  If you haven’t worn it this season then it most probably means that you don’t love it enough.  Maybe it was an impulse purchase or a fashion disaster? Have you received an unwanted item of clothing as a gift and will never wear it?  Many of us keep clothes because they represent areas of our life.  I am going to be ruthless and suggest you examine every item in your wardrobe, in your cupboards and your drawers. Remove the whole contents and one at a time, ask yourself the following:- When did I last wear this?  Does this flatter me? Is it comfortable or too small/big? Is it my colour? Most importantly, how does this make me feel? Are you feeling special in every thing you wear? Our clothes are an expression of our character, how we display our innate style. Feeling beautiful in our clothes, brings a silent confidence to your day.

Now set up an area in your bedroom and divide this area into “keep it”, “give to a friend”, “donate”, “not sure”.  Place each item into these chosen areas and step back.  Time for a cup of tea and a 10 minute break.  On your return, look at your “keep it” pile.  Does this consist of your most treasured clothes? Sometimes, it is hard to let go of clothes which keep us either stuck in the past or dreaming about the future.  I am talking about Fat/Thin clothes.  Living in this permanent cycle of what if  ” I lose weight” what if I go “back up to that size again”. This negative thought pattern is not allowing you to focus on “what you do want”. Finding the weight that has the perfect equilibrium for you is the key to keeping your clothes to a minimum.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to wear only the chosen pieces that reflect the positive You. Do you remember a time when you were invited to attend a special event or an important date and you wanted to look and feel your best?  How wonderful it feels to dress up for an occassion. Don’t save your special clothes for a  special occassion.  View every day as a special occassion. Years ago they used to call Sunday Best, a “bestest day, a day to dress up and put yourself in a great mood” Often people were attending Church on a Sunday, honouring their best intentions and wanting to look and feel their best. No longer do you need to reserve yourself but feel free to wear your wonderful clothes, the ones that reflect your true self.

Do you want to look through your wardrobe now and see if every item is really one that you love?  Saving time in the morning when getting ready can be helped by choosing your items the night before.  A quiet moment to think about your plans for the next day and the clothes that you want to wear is a way to set your intention in advance. Only having your beautiful special favourties in your wardrobe will limit your choices but all your choices will be the right ones.  To help further, I grouped my clothes. For example jeans/shirts/dresses/jumpers and further into shades of colour from white to dark.  I recommend two very useful products for space saving and organisation. I discovered Loopyloops 18 months ago, which is the innovative idea from Dragon Den’s winner Mel of Loopyloops, she received the SBS award from Theo Paphitis and I personally find this product very easy to use.  I also recommend using drawer organisers from The Holding company. Finally to keep your clothes fresh and  free from moths try using Wardrobe Satchets from Lakeland.

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