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Hello, I’m Julieanne Steel the founder of Unclutter your Life

I am passionate about empowering you to live more and own less.  Studies have proven that leading an uncluttered life significantly lowers stress levels.  The fewer things that you own, manage and are responsible for, the fewer are the stresses that accompany them.

Actual physical clutter adds to the tension of your day.  Emotional commitments drain our energy.  Minimising sets you free to lead an Uncluttered life.  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Is it all too much?  Free your mind – free your space..

Be the change that you wish to see in the world (Gandhi)


Simply uncluttering your life is about: becoming personally aware of downsizing your commitments, removing the distractions of modern day consumption and aligning yourself with your highest values.  It is about surrounding yourself with simple, beautiful and useful possessions that you love.  I believe you can have anything in your life, if you make the space for it.

Many transitional phases take place in our lives as we contemplate change.  The process of change requires us to Let Go, to acknowledge our fears in the face of adversity and unpack our past thoughts.  It is hard to let go of the past and old habits UNTIL you have found a NEW better way.  If we knew better we would choose better.

It may be that you are facing a new future? a future forced on you by Change.  Perhaps, you are recently divorced, retired or widowed? Are you burdened by a sea of commitments and clutter from the  past? Perhaps, you are facing a stressful career change, house relocation or drowning in debt?  My work is a partnership with you,  I will support you as your transition takes place.

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If you are interested in learning new ways to simplify and unclutter your life, keep an eye out for my minimising tips and inspiration!

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