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I help people to unclutter their lives, it usually starts at home and is a 1:1 service. I have been an accredited member of APDO since 2012. I am a personal organiser and a Professional Hoarding Practitioner. In addition, I offer Virtual Organising via your preferred platform/device to assist you when 1:1 is not possible. Most often my service begins with one room at a time and evolves on-site.  The process starts with identifying your clutter, deciding on how to reduce, recycle, re-purpose, re-gift, re-use and store the items you would like to re-organise and remember. The process of minimising and eliminating clutter is a hugely personal experience. I also offer a “Mary Pops In” service for new Mums and clients requiring an extra pair of hands. I am a qualified integrative counsellor (MBACP) (accred NCPS) and offer therapy sessions both remotely and face to face. My specialism is working with people who have hoarding behaviours, neurodivergent, helping improve executive functioning, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

A completely Free, No Obligation 15 minute consultation is available prior to signing up.  I am a Minimiser – my aim is to teach you to minimise your possessions.  I am a personal organiser, I use simple methods to remove the visual chaos and create new re-designed living spaces and storage solutions.  I am a mentor, I support you to create habits that reduce your consumption and limit your commitments.

I also offer the option of Skype and Zoom sessions to create accountability support and for clients requiring  on-going maintenance.

My skills in Uncluttering your Life cover the following areas and can be independent of each other or form part of an evolving project on-site.  Projects include:  office/study, home filing, bookcases, media storage, kitchen cupboards, larder, medicine cabinet, children’s bedrooms, playroom, cloakroom, under stairs cupboard, garage, loft, outdoor space, car, potting shed or the hobby room. 

My process with minimising is based on simple principles and methods that work.  Uncluttering your life is about starting with one small step: minimising excess in your home will help you to feel lighter and energised.

I have extensive experience with mental health conditions associated with hoarding behaviours, OCD, PTSD, BPD and GAD, working sensitively to support each step towards progress. I hold a DBS certificate.

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