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Article, Little Miss Organised. Clearing Clutter

Julieanne was featured in an article recently in Sainsbury’s Magazine.

Read a pdf of the article here.

Article in The Times

Julieanne was featured in an article by James Brown on how Julieanne helped his life-long hoarding habit.

Read a pdf of the article here.

Guest Article on Caboodle

Julieanne wrote a guest article on, a website that promotes a

decluttering solution. This article contains tips and tricks on decluttering during the Covid-19 crisis. Read Julieanne’s article here.

Article in Daily Mail

In an article titled “Life at 50 plus, decluttering keeps me energised“, Julieanne discussed what she does to keep youthful.

Read the article here.

Interview on the Do Good Podcast

Julieanne was interviewed by Rob Watson on the ‘Do Good Podcast’. Listen on the audio player below or follow this link to read more.

Article in the Daily Express

Julieanne was featured in an article in the Daily Express on Monday August 19th. The article featured tips on how to best declutter your life.


Article in The Lady Magazine

An article featuring Julieanne and her story appeared in The Lady Magazine on the 21st of June 2019. The article is aptly titled ‘The English Marie Kondo’ and discusses why ‘Owning less can reduce your chaos at home, improve your social life, lower your debts and free your mind.’









Interview on Talented Ladies Club

Julieanne was interviewed by Hannah Martin from the Talented Ladies Club in May 2019. Click here to read the full article, where they discuss many topics including Julieanne’s professional beginnings, what inspires her and gives her top decluttering advice.

Interview with UK Health Radio

Click here listen to Kevin Durjun’s interview with Julieanne Steel, which aired on UK Health Radio.

Interview with You Magazine

Click here to read You Magazine’s interview with Julieanne Steel, featured on the Daily Mail website. Julieanne discusses why she swapped an ‘ideal life’ for a two-bed flat, and why she became a clutter therapist.


Podcast with Holly Worton

Julieanne featured on Holly Worton’s podcast, ‘Into the Woods’, in 2014. Julieanne discusses how to declutter your home, how she turned post divorce debt into a business, how losing things can make your life better, how you can know when it’s time to get help with decluttering and Julieanne’s easy three-step system to decluttering.

Julieanne Steel appeared at Grand Designs this year.

Julieanne Steel appeared at Grand Designs this year.

Grand Designs Live 2014

3-11 May 2014 | Excel Centre, London

Julianne appeared at Grand Designs Live this year at Excel in London.  Featured in the ‘Ask and Expert’ section for interiors, Julianne offered advice to show attendees on living a clutter free life, re-styling and renovations.


APDO Conference 2014

March 27 & 28 2014 | London

Julieanne was one of the 65 delegates who attended the APDO Conference in 2014.  This year’s conference included 3 international speakers and marked the 10th anniversary year of the UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (apdo-uk).

‘Organised For Life’ was the conference theme with topics designed to appeal to all levels of experience and specialism and to be relevant to delegates’ businesses, clients and personal lives.  Organising experts from Australia, America and the Netherlands shared their experience.

Day one was a training day with Sarah Cottman (Heavenly Order, Australia) advising on the value of a clear business message, Hilde Verdijk (Yourganize, The Netherlands) providing insight into chronic

Julieanne at the APDO Conference in 2014

disorganisation and how it differs from hoarding, and Marla Dee (Clear & Simple, USA) giving value-added advice on how to stay in business for a decade and beyond.  Topics for day two included ADD/ADHD (Jan Assheton) time management (Cory Cook), copywriting (Fiona Mocatta), and how to stop procrastinating about accounts (Rosie Slosek).

Julieanne was a featured expert at 2014's Ideal Home Show in London.

Julieanne was a featured expert at 2014’s Ideal Home Show in London.

Ideal Home Show 2014

14-30 March 2014 | Earl’s Court, London

Julieanne was featured at the Ideal Home Show in London as an expert giving consultations to people in the Ideal Advice Centre.





Ideal Home Show 2014

Ideal Home Show 2014




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