The Gift of Therapy

Talking therapy is a gradual unfolding process. Fundamentally it is about the relationship you have with yourself, your interpersonal relationships and your view of reality.

Coming to therapy affords you the opportunity to explore your past as it presents itself in the here and now. I am indeed your fellow being who has experienced both pain and joy and is continuously learning how to live in an existential world.

I offer you a safe space to engage in an intimate, caring therapeutic relationship, based on trust enabling a corrective, reparative experience.

I hope you will benefit from being fully seen and heard.

My approach is based on the integrative training I have undertaken both with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body and The Minster Centre. Both training institutes meet high academic standards and are validated by the main professional bodies; UKCP and BACP. I am a registered member of the BACP and accredited with the NCPS. I have a postgraduate qualification in CBT which I believe is the bridge between managing the past, future and present.

I have a genuine curiosity when encountering people, some part of you has prompted some questions about inner happiness. I look forward to facilitating these parts and discovering what it feels like to live in your own unique way.

I decided to train as a therapist, as a second career choice to better understand my current work with people who have hoarding behaviours and those who feel chronically disorganised.

I hope to raise awareness of how mental health is often misunderstood and guide you to gain valuable insight to create your own mental wellness. I support people with neurodiversity and help to improve executive functions.

I am aware that coming to therapy is a brave step. Having been in my own personal development for over 30 years it was one of the most profound decisions I have made which I wholeheartedly advocate. I hold a full DBS certificate.

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