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courtesy of free digital photos net

courtesy of free digital photos net

Are you feeling tired? Are you feeling stuck?  As the new year unfolds it can feel almost a pressure to come up with resolutions that really can inspire you to do stuff differently. But what if you really can’t get motivated or maybe you are procrastinating on some level? This is the feeling of stuck energy.

Many years ago I was introduced to Acupuncture and in later years EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.  The essence of both is to unblock the energy that becomes stuck in our mind and bodies. Modern researchers have shown that the condition of the mind has a direct impact on the condition of the body.  In very simple terms, when you are living a full and enjoyable life, you feel better physically, and when your life is filled with struggles and emotional blocks, your body feels it.  I think back now to a book that I read when I wanted to understand why I kept getting sick, You can heal your life by Louise Hay.  This book became my bible for making the connection between my thoughts and my actions.

All thoughts have a beginning point, whether that be related to the past, the future or the present. Often our thoughts are gathered through early childhood programming and observations of the world around us. Processing our thoughts on default mode keeps us emotionally attached to the negative emotions of that event or feeling, usually it is illness or a major disruption in our life that triggers us to review this. This is the energy force working to give you a sign to pay attention to that which we think about and therefore create.

Having a head full of thoughts and feeling tired and unable to move forward, are the effects of storing our thoughts and emotions deep within our mind and body.  Linda Anderson of Tap into your Success refers to this process as “storing rocks in our rucksack”.  Carrying this heavy load around, takes up an enornmous amount of energy. Finding a way of moving, changing and flowing, this is what life is all about.

Being the conductor of your energy is up to us. If the energy moving throughout our mind and body is clogged we feel limited and stuck in our lives, when our energy is flowing freely, the benefits are unlimited. Human beings are continually moving waves of energy, connected to everything and everyone else in the Universe. Our thoughts are our vibrational energy waves. Think how influential we can be in surrounding ourselves with only a positive focus when we intentionally pay attention to our energy source.

Uncluttering your vibrational energy can be a truly life changing experience.



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