Dr Steve Maraboli for blog post Aug 17th (2)I saw this image recently and it brought about my thoughts, as always, back to Living the simple beautiful life, beautifully simple which is without Clutter, without Debris, Overloaded Agendas, Big financial commitments, Rubbish relationships, Wasted time.

When I think about “fuel” as it mentions in the image, I think of what level my volume of fuel is at? Isn’t it true that we always find enough “fuel” to do the things we want to do, but make excuses and procrastinate when we are not “In love” with what we are doing! Isn’t it true that we “starve” ourselves of “Loving what we really want” when we are off centred and listening to others as opposed to connecting with ourselves?

My message today for this blog post is to examine what is your definition of “Love”. What do you really love to be doing, how are you spending your precious time, are you surrounded by people who love you and whom you love? Is your work filling you with a warm loving sense of achievement? Are your financial commitments being spent wisely on the things you love? Or are all of decisions “starving” you of the most important emotion – to feel loved, to reach out to the people you love. The burning question is  – are you using up your fuel in the most cost-effective way For You?

Some of the most simple things bring me love and some of the most painful decisions have involved love.

LOVE IS – reading books feeling immersed in pages. I recently read a truly inspirational romance, One plus One by Jojo Moyes. It is a remarkable act of love, the story of a Mother’s love for her children.

LOVE IS – the unexpected text from my daughter, “I can’t talk Mum, but just wanted you to know, I love you”.

LOVE IS  – A compliment from a stranger.

LOVE IS – the first cup of tea of the day.

LOVE IS –  a helping hand from afar, when you least expect it.

LOVE IS –  time spent with people who make me laugh, understand me, inspire me, support me.

LOVE IS – looking after my body, so it will look after me.

LOVE IS  – letting go of the past because #Quote – Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being Re-directed to something better. (Dr Steve Maraboli).

So how do I start to unclutter my emotions, simply beautifully Connect.

Take a moment in your day to silence the chatter, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be the Observer. Still your yourself and listen.

Love to all.




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