The Beauty of Happiness – Remove the visual strains and Hydrate your Life

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Is your face a true reflection of your happiness? Are you carrying the strains of stress in the lines painted on your face? This is where the phrase “war paint” came from. Doing battle with yourself eventually shows up and wounds you. Do you know how to feed your mind and skin in unison? Have you considered succumbing to regular Botox to achieve that “look of blank happiness”?  I have to admit I tried it once and the consequences were not what I expected.  These are my ingredients to look and feel beautiful not just skin deep but mind deep.  Simply; when I am happy this shines through in my skin, my eyes and my smile. Occassionally someone may say to me “ah you look radiant and really well” this I have resonated with, is when I am feeling deep contentment and peace. On the reverse when I am off centre and feeling the burdens, it is visible on my face; the lines look deeper and my eyes look sad.  I recently discovered that the two magic ingredients that we all have access to are WATER and HAPPINESS.  Amazingly both are FREE and in total Abundance. Happiness; I have found is when I look back at my day and feel that I have been in the natural flow of my truth.  When I have followed my heart and expressed myself honestly. This is not something I find easy, but all the same I continue to practice.  I say NO more often now and this was the kick-start of my commitment to myself.  Feeling resentful doing things I don’t enjoy and meeting obligations that are put on me, that  is the block to my happiness. I have uncluttered the commitments that are draining the energy from me. Water; the full value of our water intake is truly a miracle solution to feeling energised, freer of toxins and alive.  Our ability to “tap into” our clarity comes straight from the tap. I recommend you read this amazing study by  Masaru Emoto who is a Japanese energy scholar, author and entrepreneur, best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Further resources found in his book. The Hidden messages of Water. My message to you is align your intention with your water intake and tap into your centre. New blog post coming soon on The Centre of you and all that radiates from that point. “The Mandala of You”

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