Bare Minimum Make-up Bag

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Make up image for Blog postThe key to minimising and simplifying your volume of cosmetics is to understand what enhancements make you feel good and stay true to your tried and tested products. No need for 5 lipsticks of the same shade or feeling you are missing out when a new brand of mascara is advertised on TV.  Keep your make-up bag transparent and the contents simple.

There is a huge selection of makeup bags to choose from.  I prefer a transparent make-up bag as it makes it so clear to see the contents.

The make-up industry is a hugely lucrative business. Every day new products are sold to us through the media. These products promise to make-us-up to feel and look beautiful. We see models promoting brands that they are commissioned to increase their sales.  Sadly it feeds our negative image of ourselves, that “we are not good enough” and therefore keeps us hooked into rushing out and buying the next “magical face cream” or the must have “mascara”.

I wear make-up and I use face cream.  My “take “on this is very balanced in the way in which I know which products I like and I stick to them.  Occasionally a “favourite” lip liner gets discontinued and then I replace it with a similar one.  I have tried dozens of creams in the past that promise to work miracles and they are a disappointment. (New blog post coming soon on the Beauty of Happiness, simply feed your skin and mind with two key ingredients).

I wear the same trusted daytime cosmetics and by night, with the exception of two add-ins.  For the evening I carry a glitter eye shadow wand and I use Bobby Brown pot rouge which doubles up as lips and cheeks. I do not have a box of different powders and creams to choose from; simply I cleanse and use 25SF day cream. I do not use eye cream as my day cream reaches out to the area around my eyes.  I do not use lipstick during the day but tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. These are my favourites:

Avon  Anew 25SF Day creamMaybelline mineral pressed powder OR Jane Iredale mineral make-up ( in the summer I replace this with tinted power)

Bobby brown pot rouge; Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara; Rimmel lip liner; Burt’s bees lips Rimmel eye soft kohl pencil

Day to night x 2 products – Barry M Glitter liquid eyeliner and I use the Bobby Brown pot rouge to double up as my lipstick.

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