Unclutter your bag, lighten your load

Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How much do you need to carry around with you in your handbag?

Ditch the desk diary, full make-up and umbrella.  Instead, use your Calendar and Reminders on your Smart phone, check the weather forecast and minimise your simple touch up makeup.

I recently felt literally weighed down by things that had accumulated in my bag. My shoulder was aching and my mind felt distracted with a mish-mash of stuff. I couldn’t find my keys, there were paper receipts strewn at the bottom, I had several pens at random amongst unnecessary items belonging to my children.

Lighten your load with my simple tips below:

  1. Empty the contents of your bag onto a clear surface. Bin the rubbish (tissues, pen lids, sweet wrappers) and shake out the crumbs.
  2. I keep my current receipts in a zip lock bag.  This leaves my purse free to receive Abundance.
  3. No need for an assortment of pens.  This slim line pencil case is perfect for one pen/pencil and saves you rooting around for it.
  4. Sometimes at this time of year you may make spontaneous purchases for Christmas, a handy fold up bag is very useful and stops you using a plastic shop bag.
  5. Are you looking for your keys at the bottom of your bag?  Save time and clip them onto your inside zip.  I recommend the Bobino key clip. It comes in six different colours but White shows up in the dark.
  6. Reduce the size of your bag to accommodate only what you really want to carry around with you each day, this will allow others to take responsibility for their own belongings and eliminate the Mary Poppins Bag feeling. If you can’t fit it in, it stays out.

Next week find out how your make-up bag can hold the Bare Minimum and achieve the day to night transformation with only 2 extra items.  The Simply uncluttered Make-up bag on the Go.

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