Have you hit a brick wall with uncluttering?

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There is a beginning to everything. Getting started and knowing the step by step route is always a good plan, it avoids frustration, confusion and failure.

Always start with the easiest and quickest area of clutter.Why? because you can become instantly victorious.  Small victories are so important to generate motivation.

I would like to share with you my method for uncluttering. It is a process that, followed in order of 1-10 is fail proof. I call this process the Right Action.

  1. Realise you want to start. Reaffirm you would like to free up space. Put a block of time in your diary now.
  2. Remove the items from the space. Literally take everything out. Re-shuffling is not enough.
  3. Reduce with intention. Remember to ask yourself  is this relative to my life? Is this beautiful to me, or useful?
  4. Reassess the remainder. Take fresh eyes to look at your prize possessions.
  5. Recognise the recycling method. Am I going to:-
  6. Rehome to a friend or donate to Charity, Freecycle, Oborrow. Or take to:-
  7. Rubbish, Refuse Dump. Bin bag it and place in your car now.
  8. Re-sell. Turn your clutter into cash, consider EBay. Amazon
  9. Re-use, keep. You have conquered your indecisiveness.
  10. Re-design the space. Now you have the clarity to make changes.

Living with clutter is simply the inability to make decisions on where to “home” the things we own and when that indecisiveness kicks in, it is very common to feel defeated. Following the Right Action will help you to avoid missing a crucial part of the process.

Image Source: courtesy of free digital photos.net


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