My Top 7 Tips

courtesy of free digital

courtesy of free digital

WAKE UP EARLIER – 20 minutes is enough to give you some time to connect with your day. A quiet cup of tea, moments to contemplate and process your thoughts. Use this window to centre yourself in the still early morning.

PREPARE AHEAD – Knowing what to wear the night before and getting this ready is key to the start of a peaceful day, include accessories, coat and shoes. Plan ahead your journey route, pre-book your car park space and train ticket on-line. Know what you want to eat ahead of tomorrow nights meal. Remove from the freezer or prep. Pack your bag, your files, charge up your phone, leave by the front door.

GET YOUR PAPER WORK IN ORDER  – Go paperless, this will save opening and dealing with actual post. Keep a paper block at the side of your bed. Jot down all the thoughts you have whilst they pop up and then shelve them until you have time to action them.

OWN IT AND HOME IT  – Create a space for everything in your home. It is so simple then to keep things tidy. If you have coats, shoes, newspapers, laundry there must be available storage.

DITCH THE DUPLICATING –  Duplication is often the reason why we live with excess. Having multiples of items, same just different shades of grey is why volume builds up in so many different areas of the home.

REDUCE YOUR SUPERMARKET SWEEP  – Log on to Tesco Deliver Saver, get organised online and reduce your trips to the Supermarket, saving time and fuel. Get ahead with receipe planning and one hour slots.

LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA AND HIT UNSUBSCRIBE – Monitor how much time you spend regularly checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin accounts.  This is a complete time drain. Set a timer twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Make a conscious effort to unsubscribe to as many emails as possible. Ignore the fear of missing out on consumer advertising, sales and new stock. If you need something you can decide to go and look for it when the mood takes you.


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