I Downsized my life and Upsized my Happiness

courtesy of Big Stock Images

courtesy of Big Stock Images

Uncluttering my life has had such a huge beneficial impact on me that I want to share with you my most valuable tool – DOWNSIZING.

DOWNSIZING.  This is such a big bold statement that has such a huge UPSIZING advantage and the key ingredient to giving you back more time, space and money.

Had you been a fly on the wall just over 3 years ago, you would have thought anything but. However being forced into Downsizing mode was the best thing that ever happened to me. So if you are in debt, feel burdened, have too many commitments, way too much stuff and feel overwhelmed with life, stay with me here and I will list some things that you can start downsizing and I wholeheartedly believe you will feel more energised and happy. In no particular order of importance:- (some suggestions will be harder than others to accept that you can downsize –  but you can).

Your car. Consider the lower impact of a car with requires less fuel, this will also be easier to park.  You do not need a people carrier for the odd occasion that you are asked to give extra people a lift. Someone else will stand in for you if your car is not big enough.

Your Wardrobe.  Consider reducing your clothes by half. Work out what your innate style is and streamline the colours that flatter you. This saves you so much time in the mornings and when packing for holidays.

Your handbag. Reducing the size of your handbag automatically reduces the amount of stuff you feel you need to carry around with you. It will also stop others asking you to look after their stuff when you are out and about and encourage them to take responsibility for having their own bag.

Your Laundry Basket. At one point I had two baskets one for coloured washing and one for Whites.  I used to load the washing machine twice a day. Consider re-wearing your clothes more often than once, fold up/hang up your clothes as opposed to throwing them in the washing basket.  Realistically how many clothes need to be in the basket on a daily basis?

Your time drains. I had many of these, I owned chickens that needed locking up each night. I now buy eggs from someone else who owns them, without all the hard work that goes with them. I switch off my work email feed at the weekends, this stops me from being distracted from interacting with the things I don’t want to spend my time on. I also downsized my replies, keeping them shorter but still filled with love. I turn off my phone when I go to sleep.

My overdraft/credit cards. Feeling debt free is such an uplifting feeling.  The only way to start this process is to cap your limit. Avoid the trap of increasing the size of your credit limit. Downsize the limit as low as possible. Creating a standing order is crucial to never missing a payment. Make a commitment to buy nothing for the whole of February and March.

My Bills. Take a look at your utilities, compare the market, look at switching to downsize the payments, even small reductions will make you feel lighter.

I downsized my House. How amazing it is to have a smaller space to look after, to clean, to keep only my beloved furniture pieces in. I have a tiny garden too now which is one less job to take care of. All of the above have downsized my stress and commitments that were wearing me down.

I downsized my social life.  Having “fringe friends” requires a lot of effort and time. How often do you hear from friends unless you contact them, or they want something from you.  Try not contacting anyone for 30 days, your true close friends will shine through. Give generously of your time to your most faithful, trusted few and feel your time come flooding back, giving you the space on your Calendar for your favourite moments.


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