ID-10033263Have you ever wondered why you can’t find things when you really need them, the most common reason is that it has not been put away in the place where it belongs. Simply put, living in a mess and without the habitual method of tidying up is the cause.

I recently had a very rewarding experience for not one, but two of my clients when I found some vouchers worth a considerable amount of money and were due to expire, amongst a jumble of disaray.  The joy on their faces when they realised that without tidying the shelf these would have been wasted.

Recently, I have become and more excited about the prospect of shifting through my paperwork, often I find that by keeping on top of my bills and notifications, I do not miss out on important savings, invites and instant access to some opportunities that would of otherwise been missed.  It is so easy to just let the pile of post build up and become an unattractive sight, how often are you looking for an important letter to refer to on the phone at short notice? It is so frustrating not to be able to put your hand to it.

More and more I am finding that Paper in the house is the main source of clutter.  It can spill into all sorts of rooms, starting at the front door, into the lounge, kitchen and even the bedroom. Where you can, please opt for the digital option.  Here are some ideas;-

Go Paperless; All your bills can go digital, School notices can be subscribed to Parentmail. Bank statments can be accessed with On line banking.  All important documents can be scanned. I recommend Doxie Scanner.

Photos in volume.  Display your treasured shots in a small collection of albums to display on your coffee table, let your guests enjoy the memories.  All of the rest you can scan and store on your computer, Remember to back up to an external hard drive. WD Elements Portable Hard drive.

CD’s in volume. If you use ITunes, there is no need to keep CD’s. Import your CD’s and donate the rest to Charity.

DVD’s, it is no longer necessary to buy them within your supermarket shop, sign up to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Avoid purchasing Books including cook books.  Why buy a cook book when you can use allrecipes.com. You can even ditch your kindle and use the free app for your Ipad, Iphone.


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