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Blog image for new blog posts Feb 2015Sincere apologies, I’ve been quiet for a while, with all those thoughts squished inside my head, so I have decided to change the style of my blog posts.

I am going to make it a lot simpler and easier for you to Unclutter and feel inspired.

I’ve worked out that writing blog posts weekly, has taken up valuable time and distracted me away from what I do best, which is face to face, 1 to 1, hands on work.

I over committed myself to a deadline which didn’t serve me well.

The exciting ¬†discovery though is that I don’t have to quit blogging altogether, I can just make it easier for myself by scaling down the content, the unnecessary stuff I say and get back to the Bare Minimum.

Which leads me onto the second reason that my blogs will look differently and that is because I have been spending time writing my book and it’s exciting times because I have so much to share with you on my experiences of¬†Uncluttering.

So I thank you for being patient while I’ve been away learning all sorts of new ways to help you Live more and Own less.

My new blog posts will be short uncluttered quotes and images to inspire you to remove the excess in your life.

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