Do your clothes add weight to your mind, are they killing your body?

clothes image for blog post 31AugustUncluttering your wardrobes and drawers can literally and metaphorically liberate you in more ways than you may be aware of.

I have spent a lot of time recently helping one of my clients to examine how her clothes rule her every day existence. It has been an incredible journey covering self image, financial guilt, unhealthy eating habits and literally a mind/body changing experience.

It all started with a wardrobe clear out, just very simply taking one item at a time and making the decision; Does it fit, have I worn it this season, Does it flatter me, Shall I recycle, re-home it to a friends or its for the rubbish dump.

However, what transpired was an emotional rollercoaster. Understanding why we make purchases to change our image on a regular basis or feel compelled to keep up with the fashion trends is the underlying root of making/creating;

Impulse buys

Fashion mistakes

Financial debt

Health issues

Lack of space

Low self-esteem

Impulse buys; A lot of the clothes that ended up in the recycling were clearly random purchases made when shopping in a rush became a regular habit.  Maybe being invited out at short notice and finding nothing to wear at home, a quick on-line purchase was made, without a lot of thought of how much wear would be gained from this.

Fashion mistakes; these often occur when out shopping with friends and falling prey to other’s opinions. Not feeling attuned to your own style and feeling influenced by others often turns into a mistake.  Knowing what you are looking for in advance avoids indecisiveness.

Financial debt; Needing and Wanting clothes is a very clear guide to keeping your finances in order.  Having a wardrobe with items that compliment each other helps to streamline your style of fashion.  Following the constant changing trends is a financial drain on resources, including the obsession with designer labels and eventually the clothes end up owning you on your credit card, not you owning them. Is a bargain really a bargain if you don’t need it in the first place!

Health Issues; I recently read a book entitled Killer Clothes by Anna Maria Clement and Brian R. Clement.  The cover title reads:-

“How seemingly innocent clothing choices endanger your health and how to protect yourself”. An excerpt from the back cover; “Wearing a bra, especially a tight one, can increase your chance of developing breast cancer”.

I highly recommend reading this book.

Lack of space; Often it is the case that before I start working in a ladies bedroom, the most common complaint is, “I don’t have enough room for all my clothes, I need more wardrobes”  What actually transpires is that usually only 20% of the clothes are actually worn, once the excess has been removed, space becomes abundant. The need for additional furniture disappears.

Low Self Esteem; My biggest tip is to stop comparing yourself to others. We are more than our bodies.  Eating to stay slim is a yoyo affair with food and is a no win battle. The media, both TV and glossy magazines have contributed to a society of women who don’t feel good enough when faced with a beautiful model wearing the latest “must buy item”. Often we forget how much airbrushing and camera trickery is involved behind the scenes before each publication and commerial is aired. Know yourself, know your body, know that the contents of your wardrobe make you feel good.

Let go and Unclutter the remainder, feel the lightness in your mind, body and space.









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