Letting Go – Do not under estimate the Power of this skill in helping to conquer Clutter in your life

ID-1002691LET’S FACE IT, BAD STUFF HAPPENS, how we react to this and the recovery process is about how well we own the skill of Letting Go.

Consumption is Clutter. Identifying with “What” you consume and understanding the Attachment that has taken a hold on you. Do you know that by Letting Go, yes actually Letting Go is the Magical Way to reduce everything that shows up in your life as Clutter.

For some people that sounds too easy doesn’t it? For some of you this will be the hardest skill that you will ever have to learn.  And just learning it isn’t enough, applying it constantly will decrease the stress in your life and keep you sane, more than you ever can imagine.

Why do I know this, because I have had lots of practice. Letting go of ideals when my marriage ended, letting go of my beloved home when I relocated, letting go of the way I want my teenagers to grow up, letting go of the pain that comes with disappointment after disappointment when people don’t live up to my expectations. Accepting that Fairy tales and Ideals are damaging.

I started learning early how to Let Go. After spending 10 years as a child actress and attending Stage School where I was constantly auditioning and discovering rejection. I became accustomed to realising that there is very little that we can control outside of ourselves.  Life just does “its thing” and learning to let go of the outcome is the only way I found I could stop myself from not feeling good enough or being ruled by Fear.

Understanding our consumption habits and what triggers us to make bad decisions when we commit to things we don’t want to do.  When our buttons are pushed so hard that we feel guilty and then over-consume and over-compensate elsewhere. Trying to be perfect is the over-riding reason we continue to seek clutter outside of ourselves.

How can we recognise that we are not letting go? When we are feeling stressed, when we procrastinate (fear of the uncomfortable), when we get ill, when our sleep is disturbed, when our appetite to food changes, when our relationships are not fulfilling.

Here are some things that you can do right now:

Stop over thinking – it takes one conscious moment to breathe and just be.

Stay present – accept that there is only one moment at a time. Trust that all is precisely as it is meant to be.

Be kind to yourself, self sabotage is your greatest enemy.

Look after your mind and your body will look after you. Sleep is the one of the most important tools to aid healing.

Increase your water intake, fight fatigue and balance your appetite.

Understand that it is ok to feel out of our comfort zone in all areas of your life, that is how you will push through the barrier.

Try to imagine that you are free and soaring like a Kite, enjoying the twists and the turns that make up your flight. No kite thinks about how, what, when, where is the destination, it just trusts that at any given moment, it is all part of the Grand Design and Letting Go.

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