Are you feeling weighed down with a relationship that just isn’t feeling right, let alone, Free, Inspiring, Loving and Light?

Strip yourself bare and reveal the fantastic you. Yes it’s a vulnerable space and a bit scary but it feels good showing your naked truth.

Get empowered and connected with who you really are.  Who or What has a hold on you? For as long as you are holding onto the wrong relationship, it wont’ leave you free to meet the right one!

These are some reasons my clients have told me they are not having successful relationships:- my parents broke up, I had a rubbish education, we were poor, I was sent to boarding school. Often life changing circumstances are about the relationships we have at the time with others. However, as adults we can choose our relationships and that is not just about our relationships with people, but our relationship to Food, Work, Alcohol, Exercise, Money.

The most important relationship is ultimately the one you have with Yourself. How you look after your inner self, how you talk to your head space, how you look after your body. When the relationship with yourself is good, you attract the same. Until that time, stay true, stay single but reassured that the right people turn up when they have something wonderful to add to your life.

Uncluttered Single living benefits and tips

Get your house in order

Remove all past relationship memorabilia, including keepsakes and photos. It is a powerful message to yourself that you are ready to move on.

Minimise your wardrobe, leaving space for your new partner to hang his/her clothes.

Clear up your mobile contacts from the past, hit delete.

Learn to enjoy your own company, find things you can do alone. Join new activities without the unwanted opinions of others.

Play your own music very loudly, dance like no one is watching.

Try out new recipes on yourself.

Read for hours with the light on.





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