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I’ve been having a heart to heart with some of my clients recently. It’s been a two-way beneficial exercise.  I love to hear feedback and it helps me to improve my work. I see huge progress in their wellbeing.  Here are some of the things they said they are now doing:

Inviting people over spontaneously because they love the way their home looks.

Finding things easily and in turn diffusing potential arguments.

Waking up before their alarm goes off, because they have a peaceful bedroom.

Getting ready quicker after looking in their wardrobe and finding only the clothes they love.

Spending more time outside, walking, meeting for coffee, exercising, because they are spending less time on social media.

Having more time to talk and interact with their love ones at home because they have less things to clean and tidy up.

Feeling more energised with less weight in their handbags, their inbox, their cupboards, their car.

Empowered because they are responding to paperwork quickly and efficiently.

More inspired, reading new material, reinventing their identity. In general, open to different opportunities.

Free head space to sit and connect with the moment. We call it “processing time”.

Having nourishing relationships because the ones that have drained them are no longer present.

This is a wonderful insight in concluding that the Less choice there is, the more Freedom has been felt. A real and evident surge of happiness and calmness has been apparent amongst the people I have helped to Live more and own less.








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