Contented Living, is a feeling that everything you need, want and have is enough! What an incredible mindset this would be if we could adopt this? With today’s challenging Consumer spending temptations, this can seem impossible.  I am regularly reminded of this because I have teenagers and also because I cover a lot of ground in my day-to-day week and I am exposed to so much of the material and superficial world.

So this blog post is about being grateful for the things that we already have, can experience by choice and be aware of:-

Being able to smile and light up someone else’s day. Give hugs for free and transfer positive energy to the people we love. Ring a friend spontaneously and invite them over to share time together. Look out of the window and appreciate the flowers in your neighbour’s garden. Satisfaction from a peaceful night’s sleep. Turning the pages of great book with anticipation. Hearing your favourite song  come on the radio. Having a long hot bath. Cleaning your house, dusting away the cobwebs. Drinking tea. The smell of fresh-cut grass. Laughing, until your sides hurt. Opening a new bottle of wine. Receiving an unexpected compliment. Finding a bargain. Feeling the sun on your face. Savouring your food. Stroking your dog. Kissing. When your children ask for advice. Your train is on time. Invitations. Saying “I love you”. Hearing an inspiring story. Lighting a candle. Holding hands. Watching a sun set. Drinking cold water. Hearing the Sea. The warmth of a roaring fire. Homemade cake. Fresh bed sheets. Lending a helping hand. Comfortable shoes. The smell of holiday air. Dawn chorus. Fresh fruit. Hand washing with soap. Perfumed skin.

Some of the best things in life are free, our bank accounts can benefit from remembering this. View your life habits as a treat, you’ll appreciate the simple things and save you money in the process.









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