The Uncluttered Office – The Workable Home. Are you trying to work from Home?

bigstock-Apple-42745036 (2)I am discovering that more and more people are taking the brave step in becoming self-employed. Often the desire, the sudden moment of inspiration to work from home, has come to them amidst their day-to-day thoughts.  Having that light bulb flash before your eyes and the exciting prospect of setting up a new business from a space that occupies your home can hold all sorts of visions. Finding a place, a designated area to transform into a work space may be challenging. It also has hidden dangers of spreading out into your personal life and the boundaries may become fuzzy. I believe you can transform a simple area at home to become your perfect space to work in, building on your ideas and plans.  With a little imagination, clever storage, space-saving furniture and organisation you can create a business from home, allowing you all the freedom to access your work, saving you travel time and money and a great deal of flexibility in your life. Anything is possible. I heard a story recently about a man who had a passion for gardening, a passion that he wanted to turn into a business but he lived in a tower block, he didn’t even have a garden and he had no real options to change those circumstances. Instead of feeling defeated he decided to have a look around him and see how he could make the most of what he currently had.  An amazing time started to manifest for him. He decided to transform a small patch of earth in the grounds around the tower block where he lived, just simple things, he planted a few seeds, turned over the dry earth. Several other residents asked him what he was doing and he said come and join in, I am following my heart. In a short space of time – A garden was created, a beautiful garden, bringing people together and sharing what was the inspiration of one man with a passion, who would not be defeated by the confines of this lack of outdoor space. Our perceived lack of space is sometimes the thought that holds us back or may even propel you into considering gaining more or bigger spaces at home by moving house or building an extension. The feeling of “lack of” transmits a powerful signal, a misleading signal that we don’t have enough and with this thought process we convince ourselves we need more, or bigger or better. Recognising and being grateful for the space that we already occupy is a great way to practise living minimally but with maximum clarity. The moral of this story is that, sometimes we put off doing things and making changes when the perfect solution isn’t present.  Working from home is hugely rewarding. You may not have a spare room for an office and you may not have the money to spend on fancy furniture but you can make way for a space in your home to become your Office, a workable space of Ideas and Inspirations.  Here is how I can help you. Clearing the clutter in your home and making way for new ideas is a naturally energetic and uplifting feeling. Finding what you want to do in life and starting to do that can be hugely helped by having a free-flowing, easy to navigate home.  To see the way clearly and make new decisions about your future. I have a head full of innovative ideas, a long list of tried and tested products to save space and a vast amount of experience in downsizing my home and being able to create a space within for my ever-changing life, including running a business from my beautiful super workable home.

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